Making Change

Congratulations, you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle!

Weight Loss Tip: Smart snacking. 

Everything in moderation, however there are times when we need to break habits such as when the afternoon potato chip fix becomes a daily occurrence. In this instance we often set a goal to not eat fill in the blank food until we drop a few pounds or get past our cravings.  Now often we…

Weight Loss Tip: Track your food.

Research shows that people can under report their food intake by up to 50%. So instead of consuming 2,000 calories a person might be consuming 3,000. This may be the cause of your dreaded plateau in your weight loss program.  Begin tracking your food by writing down everything you eat, portions, and calories. At the…

Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipe

Do you have a difficult time finding a protein shake with natural ingredients that also tastes good?  Believe or not,  liquid egg whites actually make a great base for a protein shake. You can add any flavoring, fruit, or veggies to change up the taste and nutritional needs. Below is one of my favorite recipes,…

Let’s Get Real…Mindful!

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An important aspect of mental health is mindfulness, as I may have stated in previous blog posts. What is mindfulness? It is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. In light of this, recently I have had, what seems like, ten thousand thoughts running…

Meal Prep: Spicy Hummus Chicken Sandwich

Meal prep can be a pain but also a necessary key to staying on track with a nutritious diet. I rarely prep for a whole week because I become bored of eating the same thing and waste the food.

How to choose a weight loss program

Summer is quickly approaching so many turn to weight loss programs to find their beach body.This is not always a bad thing. Some weight loss programs teach us how to eat a nutritious diet and exercise.Others help us lose weight, but fail to show us how to live a healthy lifestyle and we gain the weight back. It’s a familiar story.

Let go of the treadmill! 

Oh my, so I just left the gym. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people holding on or leaning over the treadmill. It drives me crazy. We need a 12 step program on helping people to let go. Insert song here if you like.

Master Yoga, Master Your Well-being

Originally posted on Be A Healthier You!:
One should become a master of one’s mind rather than let one’s mind master him. – Nichiren Daishonin Recently, I have taken on the challenge of yoga as my new source of exercise. In the past, I have ran and lifted weights as a work out, but decided…