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 Why I stopped dieting

I no longer diet, try to lose weight, or worry about my size.

I used to obsess about my size, the size of hips especially bothered me. I compared myself to others daily. I could never walk into a room without wondering if I was bigger or smaller than the other women. It was a constant thought in my head.

After I started working out and eating healthy (actually I was only eating less, but at the time I thought it was healthy) I thought I would be happy and stop obsessing. I was excited at the fact that these thoughts might leave once I achieved my goal weight. They did not. They continued.

I scanned fitness magazines educating myself on nutrition and exercise all the while longing to look like one of the models on the pages. Comparing myself once again and not measuring up. I longed to have strong, toned muscles, and glowing skin. I followed program after program and diet after diet in those magazines. Most of the diets never called for more than 1500 calories per day. My body never changed. I was only a smaller version of the same shape. In fact my hips were almost the same size.

I’ll skip forward to the point where the light bulb was turned on.

I found a program based on balanced nutrition and muscle building. I’ll be honest, I was scared, but what I was doing was not working. The fitness model that designed the program looked amazing, exactly how I wanted to look. So I figured why not, what I was currently doing was not working.

The program

The program did not count calories. It gave you a food list of complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins to choose from. You were to eat a combination of carbs, fats, and protein every 3-4 hours. It was difficult at first and I felt like I was stuffing myself at times. Still scared, there were days I did not eat enough for fear of gaining weight, but I battled through the muscle building phase. The second and third phase of the program you were to count macros, but I was still eating more than I had ever eaten prior to the program.

What I noticed during the program

I felt stronger and it was amazing

I noticed a glow to my skin

I started developing muscle tone

I felt emotionally strong

I was having fun with the process

The end results 

I am happy with my body!

I don’t compare myself to others!

I love building muscle!

I stopped dieting!

Before my journey
Before and after pics of muscle building program. I weighed 119 lb in both pictures!

Do I still want to improve? absolutely, but there is a difference. I don’t diet. I enjoy the process of building muscle and leaning out.  I eat nutritious meals. I no longer stress about how tight my clothes are or the number on the scale. The biggest and most important change is my perspective. I no longer compare my body to other people. I workout for me and not to look like or look better than anyone else. The picture below is in my muscle building phase. I’m not afraid to gain weight now. I realize to build muscle you need to eat more and put on some weight. In a couple of months I’ll lean out again.

February 2017 muscle building phase 125 lbs

Do you have any questions or comments?

2 thoughts on “ Why I stopped dieting”

    1. Thanks so much! It feels good to hear amazing comments like this. I really just want women to know they don’t have to diet. We try to conform to images that have been driven into our minds as perfect by eating barely any calories. We can eat and still be healthy.


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