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Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipe

Do you have a difficult time finding a protein shake with natural ingredients that also tastes good? 

Believe or not,  liquid egg whites actually make a great base for a protein shake. You can add any flavoring, fruit, or veggies to change up the taste and nutritional needs. Below is one of my favorite recipes, but you can adjust the ingredients and servings to fit your macros and specific taste. Varieties that I often use include: decreasing the egg whites depending on my protein requirements, replacing the honey and use stevia, using PB2 for peanut butter flavoring. The varieties are endless so have fun with it!


1 cup pasteurized liquid egg whites

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries 

1/2 cup raw baby spinach 

1 Tbsp chia seeds 

Optional: 1/2 Tbsp honey or 1-2 packets of stevia for sweetener if needed 

Did you enjoy this recipe? Let me know your comments and suggestions.

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