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Weight Loss Tip: Smart snacking. 

Everything in moderation, however there are times when we need to break habits such as when the afternoon potato chip fix becomes a daily occurrence. In this instance we often set a goal to not eat fill in the blank food until we drop a few pounds or get past our cravings. 

Now often we start off with good intentions. By the afternoon our brains take over and the cravings become so strong those chips might as well be a drug.  We feel like the chips we saw in the vending machine are the last on earth and if we don’t eat them we might not ever see another chip again. lol, I know a little dramatic. 

Weight Loss Tip:

When restricting a food, replace it with a healthier food with a similar taste. For instance when you crave chips, it may be the salt and the crunch you really enjoy. Maybe replace it with lightly salted cucumbers or a handful of cashews. Maybe you crave something sweet and have created a habit of eating candy bars. Replace the candy with a lightly sweetened granola bar.  

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. You will still miss your food you have become accustomed to but overtime you will create a new, healthier habit in its place. 

There are plenty of examples I could use. Do you have any suggestions?

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