Hi and Welcome to Wellness Slice!  I’m Brenna

I’m a Health Educator, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Weight loss Specialist here to help you cut through the fads and myths of health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness.

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About me. I’m a little lazy at times, I procrastinate, I have a weird sense of humor, I’m sarcastic, and I have a no-nonsense way of looking at things, and I LOVE health and wellness!  

I created this blog to have a place for logical and useful health information. Many times we are given health advice, but it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, it’s unreasonable, or just doesn’t make sense. Some of this is because it’s bad advice and other times it’s because it’s not written for the average person. This is written with you in mind; the person trying to live a healthy lifestyle and still have a life.

I believe that our body, mind, and spirit all connected.                                                                            

You will find no diets or insane workouts on this site! Only how how to feed your body, mind, and soul  with good and nutritious food and exercise in a sensible way. I believe exercise is important to keep the body healthy and the mind alive! So you will find lot of exercise tips, fitness advice, and workout plans. Your mind controls what your body does and what food you put in your mouth. So taking care of what we think is one of the most important things you can do in a healthy lifestyle. You will find positive vibes to motivate in your efforts and a celebration of every success! And finally, your spirit, your faith is what provides your passion for living. We need this to live our life fully, yet we need our health so we can spread our faith, joy, and love to others.

My background and education. 

I have a Masters in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, a Bachelors in Public Health, and I am a Licensed Practical Nurse.  I have worked in healthcare for over 19 years and have worked in chronic care and preventative health for over 10 years.  As a nurse, I was tired of treating illness and returned to school so I could enter in a field where I can prevent illness. I now successfully coach people to wellness by working with them to set smart, personalized goals unique to their lives.

My Motto. 

Different is good. We are all different and will reach our goals at different paces and in different ways. We are unique beings. You have to find what works for you. I invite you comment and email me with what works for you so I can include it in posts for other viewers. Share your slice of wellness!



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Brenna Robinson