Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipe

Do you have a difficult time finding a protein shake with natural ingredients that also tastes good?  Believe or not,  liquid egg whites actually make a great base for a protein shake. You can add any flavoring, fruit, or veggies to change up the taste and nutritional needs. Below is one of my favorite recipes,…

Meal Prep: Spicy Hummus Chicken Sandwich

Meal prep can be a pain but also a necessary key to staying on track with a nutritious diet. I rarely prep for a whole week because I become bored of eating the same thing and waste the food.

Healthy Pizza 

Ingredients: 1 low carb tortilla 1/4 cup pizza sauce 8 turkey pepperoni 1 oz turkey sausage crumbles 2 tsp vegan Parmesan cheese Optional ingredients: onions, peppers Directions: Assemble and bake at 350 for 10 minutes  Nutrition: